How can I get a refund?

As part of our booking policy, we are unable to do refunds after a booking has been completed. That being said, we would be happy to assist with rebooking your reservation to a day and time that is more convenient for you. Kindly let us know which day and time that we can assist with rebooking! Please email toronto@parteeputt.com.

Do I need a reservation??

Reservations are highly recommended as we have limited space for tee-times. Walk-ins will be accepted based on availability but subject to increased prices during prime time hours.

Does Par-Tee Putt Deliver??

Our friends in the ACES PIZZA kitchen offer great options for food delivery. Check them out here.

Are children allowed???

We are an all-ages venue until 8PM daily, however, 19+ ID is required for any alcoholic beverage purchases or entry after 8PM.

Do you host private venue rentals or events outside of regular operating hours??

Yes, please check out Group Bookings, complete the form and one of our event specialists will be more than happy to assist you in booking and creating your customized PAR-TEE with you! We have endless options, ideas and suggestions to create the perfect event, specifically tailored for your group. Additionally we can arrange transportation, photography, videography and use of A/V systems as requested.

Is Par-Tee Putt suitable for individuals with epilepsy or photosensitivity?

Par-Tee Putt features a vibrant atmosphere with bright lights, loud music, and occasional strobe lights. If you have epilepsy or sensitivity concerns, we recommend caution or exploring alternative venues with a more subdued setting.